Plush Overground is an outlet for me to share my diverse interests in photography, history, literature, music, and food with the world. I work in a marketing department by day, running MarTech implementation projects and setting the roadmap for new technologies and capabilities. By night I play in a classic rock cover band while trying to instill in my children a voracious curiosity about the world around them.

Topics here at Plush Overground vary from technical photography tips & tricks to insight into the history of cuisine, from the narrow world of musicological esoterica to the expansive natural beauty of modern Scandinavia.

The regular players in this drama include me (obviously), my wife (‘Nordic Babe’), and our three children: ‘Foodie Girl’, ‘Artist Chick’, and ‘Zen Buddy’. All of this comes to you from my home office in North Carolina—offered with love and care. Please have a look around and let me know if you find anything in the site fascinating or worthy of your time and attention. Then spread the word and share the link with a friend (or five)!

~ TimothyNC

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