flower_in_mudBeauty lies all around us, waiting to be discovered: glimmers of love, hints of grace. I am far guiltier than most of ignoring these rays of light and walking on by, unaware. I have too many important things to do, too many deadlines to meet, and too many obligations that pull me in twenty different directions.

This journey is about stepping out of the routine, opening my eyes, and sharing what I see with you. The camera will act as my lens on the world, snapping bits of reality and transforming them into virtual uplift. Or would that be real uplift? That depends on you, gentle reader.

Perhaps this will benefit someone else; if so, that will just be an ancillary gain. This blog is a note to my fellow travelers, and I dedicate it to the ranks of the tired, the bored, the apathetic, the cynical, and the distracted. Please join me. Let’s see where this road takes us.