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Jambon, gruyère, and leeks at the ready

Jambon, gruyère, and leeks at the ready

The leeks in the refrigerator are calling out to me. Listening closely to the muffled sounds emanating from behind the closed door, I think they are saying “Flamiche aux poireaux, s’il vous plaît,” although they often say “Potage parmentier.” But not today. 🙂

Few cookbooks have gotten as much use in our house as Patricia Well’s Bistro CookingIt is full of outstanding French bistro fare that is surprisingly simple to prepare—even if it is often time-consuming, alas. To name but two of our favorites, my wife (hereafter known as Nordic Babe) does a mean Gratin Dauphinois Madame Cartet, and I am in love with the Poulet Rôti L’Ami Louis. The simplicity of these dishes lets the flavors of the ingredients come through in all their purity without much in the way of distraction.

Now I need to decide on a fitting Alsatian wine (Zind-Humbrecht Riesling perhaps?) to go with a cheesy, leeky tart… bon appétit!